'D' House
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Spatial planning is all about integrating different spaces into a rhythmic flow of movement. When we started designing the spaces of this large house we had to meticulously plan the movement of the owners and their interconnectivity with each other keeping in my the age groups of this large joint family comprising of 2 older brothers, their kids, their parents and grandparents. Both the siblings had to be in close proximity of their children at the same time the parents and grandparents had to have their independent spaces and privacy. An 8 bedded house had to be converted into a 6 bedroom house along with a puja room and a self contained kitchen. The living room being almost 70 foot long had to be planned such that there was enough formal seating and informal seating areas along with a comfortable TV viewing zone. A collapsible partition was created to segregate the dining from the living spaces for privacy at the same time seclusion. The 2 master bedrooms were designed to accommodate large120 sq ft bathrooms with whirlpools and a large basin counter with his and her basins along with an enclosed shower and wc areas. Not the mention the walk-in wardrobe space that was well integrated along with a dressing area. All the fixed furniture is bespoke but factory made to juxtapose design with meticulous engineering. All the movable designer furniture has been handpicked from Milan and Paris keeping in mind practicality of material, functionality and durability at the same time. A state of the art kitchen, complete with modern amenities include built in appliances including a 2 door fridge, hob, chimney and OTG are well integrated. quartz stone for platform, back painted glass shutters and sophisticated hardware is used to maximise practicality and functionality. Opulent ceilings gave way for absolutey basic straight line ceilings to compensate the height restrictions of the apartment with state of the art italian light fixtures which had minimum depth but maximum impact. three way lighting philosophy has been used with focus lights for task lighting, indirect lighting in the form of linear hide-way profiles for subtleness and wall scones for aesthetic beautification. Custom made bespoke lighting is used in the form of contemporary chandeliers both in the dining and the living areas along with wall scones for the dressing area and in the bathrooms. Both the master bedrooms with wooden flooring imparts warmth and for the children's bedrooms we chose dark marble for all obvious practical reasons. Luxury was imparted in the form of Italian marble walls, glass and brass partitions, leather cladding and imported oak veneers were used for panelling and doors [ engraved with brass bars] Statuvario Italian marble was used for the living room to enhance the luxe effect along with Armani brown marble which offset against it. A lavish balcony almost the size of a grand terrace incorporates all the necessary seating, faux grass and wooden decking is an extension of the sprawling living room and wonderfully manicured with exotic indoor plants with lighting from Thailand. To sum it up all the Rooms were increasingly tailored to personal demands of bespoke interiors and an element of convenience which imparted luxury and lavishness at the same time.